Mobil 1
Max Windows Enjoying The Ride in New Dodgems Campaign for Suzuki
Editor Jack Singer Joins Stitch
Televisual Top 10 Best Editors
for Tim Hardy
Think! is Campaign Pick of The Week
Directed by We Are From LA and cut by Paul O'Reilly.
Tim Hardy Keeps it Real with Talk Talk’s Christmas Commercial
Directed by Tom Tagholm at Park Pictures
LIA Win for Max Windows
Bronze award for best editing for "Gorillaz X e-on: Tomorrow is.on"
UEFA is Campaign Pick of the Week
Directed by Kibwe Tavares and cut by Tim Hardy
Double win at Kinsale for best editing
Silver for Tim Hardy's edit on UEFA, 'We Play Strong'. Bronze for Max Windows' work on Gorillaz x E.on 'Tomorrow is.on.
Silver Editing Lion at Cannes
For Google's Year in Search, edited by Jason Lewis
Dan Bootzin joins Stitch LA
Eat Monday for breakfast
Seize the day with Arla's new campaign of fight off the Monday blues. Directed by Joe Roberts and cut by Phil Currie.
Another one!
e.on & Gorillaz solar powered music video ad, cut by the one and only Max Windows.
1000 solar-powered toys come to life for Gorillaz and E.ON. Directed by Noah Harris at Blink and cut by Max Windows
LBB editors choice for Axe, Is It OK For Guys To Cry. Directed by Thomas Ralph and cut by Paul O'Reilly.
We are thrilled to welcome the excellent Nicolas Larrouquere to our roster of editors. Bienvenue!
Cancer Research UK
Walk All Over Cancer
Two editing wins at Creative Circle Awards
A silver for best editing for Leo King's work on Bodyform 'Blood' and a bronze for editing for Tim Hardy's work on Talk Talk 'This Stuff Matters'.
Google's Year in Review 2016, cut by Jason Lewis.
The Drum: Ad of the Day
National Autistic Society's 'Make it Stop'. Directed by Tomas Mankovsky and edited by Tim Hardy.
'A River Blow' Premieres at Tribeca Film Festival
Directed by Mark Greico and edited by Dan Swietlik for the World Documentary Competition
New Talent: Charlie Reddie
On his recent promotion from assistant editor to editor at Stitch
Campaign Magazine Pick of the Week for IKEA UK's Win at sleeping. Directed by Jones+Tino Stink and cut by Leo King
Sit Down With...
Soho SoHo talk to Max Windows
Guilty Pleasures
Here's a look at one of Max Windows' guilty pleasures, courtesy of Little Black Book.
Richard Woolway reveals what goes on in his role as First Assistant Editor at Stitch
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Special One's
Guy Ritchie directs Jose Mourinho for Heineken. Cut by Leo King.
Sit Down With...
Soho Soho talks to Phil Currie
Kinsale Shark Awards triumph
Bodyform 'Blood' Wins a silver editing shark.
Post Perspective's Behind the Title: Stitch Editing Co-Owner/ Senior Editor Tim Hardy
Commercial debut for rich
Campaign Magazine Pick of the Week
for Talk Talk's 'This stuff matters'. Directed by Tom Tagholm at Park Pictures and cut by Tim Hardy.